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3 Popular AND Affordable Printing Options to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

3 Popular AND Affordable Printing Options to Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

There are millions of businesses. And for those millions of businesses, there are business cards to go with them. With all the businesses out there today, it’s safe to assume there are many your business is in direct competition with. Before a prospective client ever hears about how you’re better than your competition in one way or another, they need to first notice your business exists. In order for this to happen, your business needs something to stand out with a first impression. One of the first lines of contact a prospective client ever gets with your business is your business card. And believe it or not, the uniqueness and quality of your business card goes a long way in making you memorable to the prospective client and getting them to contact you to do business.

A prospective client will get hundreds of business cards of businesses all doing the same thing your business does all wanting to do get that client’s business. So in a sea of businesses and business card, how can your business stand out and get noticed? Bracha Printing has three very popular AND very affordable options that will make your business cards stand out, look different and unique, and most importantly, cause a great first impression on prospective clients.

Stamped Foil Business Card with Spot UV Gloss and Rounded Corners

Foil Stamped Business Cards

Foil stamped business cards are a great and affordable take on the standard business card. There’s a few reasons why these cards will impress.

  1. Foil stamped is beautiful and eye catching. Using a gold, silver, or copper foil, designated areas of your business cards will be stamped with a foil that immediately gets noticed in a handful of business cards. Imagine how nice your logo will look in a gold or silver foil.
  2. They are printed on a 16pt Silk stock. While typical business cards are printed with a high gloss or matte coating, Silk stock is a thick paper and has a silky smooth finish that gives the impression of a very luxurious and expensive card. Clients will think you’ve spent good money on your cards because you’re a serious business.
  3. You can add spot gloss as well. Spot glossing is the process of adding a clear shiny coating to designated parts of your card. Coupled with the stamped foil, spot glossing can add a nice accent to your cards and will definitely get your cards noticed.
  4. Round those corners. Want to step your cards up even more? Choose rounded corners over the conventional straight edges for an even nicer and high-end look.

With all the options available for Foil Stamped Business Cards, you’ll be sure to get your business cards noticed, and in turn land more prospective clients.

Plastic Business Cards

You’ll be sure to impress when a prospective client gets a hold of these affordable, durable and really cool plastic business cards. Here’s why:

  1. Plastic Cards are much thicker than the average card. Where normal business cards come in 14pt or 16pt thickness, plastic business cards come in 20pt or 30pt thickness. It’s been studied time and time again that people tend to notice business cards that are thicker. Plus they come with rounded corners, so they look great.
  2. Plastic Cards are super durable. Whereas most paper cards will eventually rip, tear, or get worn down after a long time in a wallet, plastic does no such thing. The cards stay crisp and pristine and are very hard to fold. And these plastic cards are water resistant as well. So go ahead and hand out your plastic business cards in the rain…they’ll be just fine.
  3. There’s a choice of Solid, Frosted or Clear Plastic Business Cards. You can choose from standard solid cards, clear cards (these plastic cards are see through where you don’t have ink applied), and frosted cards (these are semi see through with a nice frosted look)

When it comes to business cards that look and feel different, guaranteeing they’ll get noticed, Plastic business cards from Bracha Printing are an excellent choice.

Thick Colored Edge Business Cards

Colored Edge business cards are newer type of business card that is quickly gaining popularity and getting noticed as new and unique everywhere. Here are some benefits to colored edge business cards:

  1. Colored Edge Business Cards are some of the thickest cards out there. They 32pt which is double the thickness of a standard 16pt business card. As noted above, thicker business cards tend to get noticed first.
  2. There are many edge colors to choose from. There are choices and vibrant, bright colors as well as metallic colors to choose from. Imagine how easy it will be to find these cards in a pile of cards with plain white edges. Your prospective client will be sure to look at these cards.
  3. Color Edge cards have a nice uncoated quality. They give the impression of a nice crafted card that is very popular these days. Plus, you can easily write personalized notes on them to your prospective clients.

These new cards are quickly gaining popularity for how easily they stand out and how good their bright and vibrant colors look. Get an edge on the competition with Thick Colored Edge Business Cards from Bracha Printing.

There you have it. Three great, unique, and most importantly affordable Business Cards to get your business noticed. If you have any questions about these products, feel free to contact us. And be sure to come back often to Bracha Printing. We’re always coming out with new and innovative printing methods to get your business noticed.

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